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Using Brand Revitalization, iMFLUX is now enjoying a new trajectory, increasing its impact in the market, growing the business, winning awards, contributing to sustainability, and energizing its people.

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P&G Ventures

Brand Positioning project that created a stronger brand, powerful stories, and more relevant content. P&G Ventures is enjoying new growth, reputation, and standing out in the startup community. Learn how we helped them stand out from the crowd >


Over six years, MTC has enriched the Company Brand, branded four profit centers, ten teams, and over 75 associates as HORAN Brand Ambassadors. We delivered an authenticity that breaks through the clutter and stands out from the competition. Read more about our in-depth solutions >


The brand and business were struggling, so we took everyone in the company to transform the brand from the name up, resulting in three years of record sales. Read more about our in-depth solutions >

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital & Medical Center

Empowered the impact and success of the Diversity and Inclusion Team by branding the team and then each individual. Also provided coaching and insight when sharing their story. Read More >

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Using Brand Revitalization, iMFLUX is now enjoying a new trajectory, increasing its impact in the market, growing the business, winning awards, contributing to sustainability, and energizing its people.

Coldwell Banker

Empowered growth of high-potential real estate teams by creating brands and stories for over 50 teams plus members in Cincinnati, Columbus, and St. Louis—each co-branded uniquely with the company. Read More >


Customer-derived strategy and stronger positioning enabled this private equity brand to become an innovative competitor with growing sales.


What started as an Instagram account became a fashion brand empowering women to become their own muse, based on the founder’s signature feminine style with a twist of boy.

Powers Benefits

A stronger brand positioning and storytelling empowered this company to further growth and success.


Brought the inspirational consumer experience to life and built a brand strategy and storytelling framework for the new French owners.

Aspen Dental

Equipped the founder and CEO with a brand to support his mission to build an innovative business model that supports health care practitioners and the patients they serve.

Don Frericks

Together, we enabled and empowered Don’s journey to his own successful coaching and leadership consultancy.

Personal Branding

Created a patent-pending approach to personal branding for founders, leaders, and change agents to deliver greater success, making successful transitions and strategies. This became the foundation of our Ambassador Branding offering.

Project Blue Collar

Created a powerful concept and all the elements of a brand launch for this startup in the animal rescue community.


Delivered brand strategy, stories, and new brand identity to support its expansion into new product categories.

Cincinnati Sports Club

Created custom-designed leadership training and team effectiveness for different events over several years.

Zipfel Capital

Accelerated success by building a brand foundation and ensured employees vividly understood who they were, where they were heading, and what they stood for.

Wolf Manufacturing: World’s Best

Helped transform a solid supplier into a stronger branded business to protect and grow distribution in crucial retailers.

Healing Drummer

Change your rhythm and change your life. Energized this holistic healing business with a brand strategy and stories.


MTC was brought in as a subject matter expert to structure and design their new internal marketing, branding, and category management organization.

Ocean Accelerator

Brought in to create the brand, story, and strategy for the startup Blue Seat, an app for baseball fanatics.

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Corporate & Agency Projects

DieHard / Craftsman

Enable the brands for successful sales outside Sears stores. Anchored the brand in its emotional heritage, creating an intuitive brand architecture with easy-to-understand packaging design.


As an agency leader for the portfolio, Mike worked with Lowes' partner to establish a portfolio strategy. Established flagship destination brands, stretched existing brand to new categories, created new strategic brands, and eliminated underperformers.


After a country-wide research journey on Lays Classic, Ruffles, and Kettle Cooked, Mike created inspirational design targets and delineated the desired user experience and brand positioning.


Needed to protect their Food Service business from the increased competition of new brands. So we created a new positioning, brand experience, and package design to raise Heinz above all others.

Jane Iredale Cosmetics

To accelerate success, we dove deep into consumer targets, repositioned the brand to take advantage of these insights, and drove consistency of brand experience at all touchpoints.

Lowes' Blue Hawk

Created a brand strategy and story in an afternoon working with Lowes’ stakeholders. This cross-category brand helped to enhance Lowes’ success further and strengthen financially.


Worked with PepsiCo and Strauss to expand their joint venture, Sabra Hummus, into a global brand. Strategy lead for worldwide research, positioning, brand strategy, and story.


Grew the business through new product innovations, expansion into new categories, and protected the franchise from competitive pressures.


Created PediaSure Side-Kicks to further expand the brand based on evocative research with mothers. New name, design, and positioning empowered increased success.


Through brand architecture and branding strategies, MTC made PPG a successful master brand with innovative products versus their previous collection of various brand names.

Old Spice / Global Male Grooming

Launched new Old Spice innovation that grew sales and profit by 25%. Led the global male grooming team to understand the long-term potential for P&G technologies and existing and new potential brands.

Global P&G Haircare Portfolio

Created the first global brand portfolio analysis and strategy for the haircare category.

Global Innovation for Secret

Established a successful global line extension in six months.

Hunter Fans

Took Hunter Fans back to its strong heritage, able to compete against top retailer brands, and restored sales significantly.

Kobalt Tools Strategic Roadmap

Delivered the long-term brand expansion into a wide range of new product categories and established Kobalt as one of the top tool brands in the US.

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