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Build Your Brand. Tell Your Story. Grow Your Business. Empower Your People.

That’s our Mission at Mike Taylor Consulting. With our help, you’ll have a successful brand that will thrive for years to come.

Mike Taylor

Founder and Chief Strategist

Building brands that thrive and endure is what I love to do. After 375 brands and over 35 years in the branding business, I know how to cut to the heart of the problem, connect the dots, tell the story, and ensure success. It’s why clients keep inviting us deeper into their branding, marketing, and culture work. I’m a strategist with a background in finance, strategy, science, branding, and marketing—hard-wired to speak the language of business.

This passion drove me to gain experience and expertise across many branding and business models, including B2B, B2C, Fortune 100 companies, branding agencies, retailers, professional services, leaders, change agents, and startups. I've also created a patent-pending approach to personal branding that now forms the foundation of our Ambassador Branding service.

This Work

We've been privileged with repeated business from our existing clients. That's because there's a subtle but essential difference between being knowledgeable about your work and branding it.

Branding is a tough road, longer and more complex than you expect. It's both art and science, so it has a non-linear quality and requires objective data and tough choices. We don’t let that hold us back. We promise to bring the entire team along on this journey to reach your brand’s full potential and to always work with joy, collaboration, and service.

The MTC Team & Partners

Kate McCullough

Master of Our Customer Experience

Our customers fall in love with Kate. Thanks to her passion for customer service, building relationships, and ensuring you receive a personal and seamless experience.

Sarah Gebhardt

Owner Gebhart Design

Sarah's second language is thinking and communicating visually. That's why she's our go-to creative director/designer. Sarah creates innovative corporate brand and identity solutions, editorial design, communication strategy, environmental/large format display, and brand overview for digital UX/UI applications.

Philippa Mathewson

Employee Engagement, Culture, & Leadership

Philippa is an expert at inspiring leaders to achieve outstanding results by building a sustainable culture of Employee Engagement so that every employee falls in love with their organization.

Lauri Maerev


Lauri is the best writer I've worked with in branding. She specializes in verbal branding: developing a story and creating a distinctive voice that builds and revitalizes brand identity. Naming is her favorite Super Power.

Chris "CJ" Lambert

CJL Studios, LLC

Imagine having a unique piece of music for your brand. Chris "CJ" Lambert has spent 20+ years in the music business as a guitarist, producer, and songwriter. He specializes in helping artists and companies develop songs to share their music and brand with the world.

Leading Archetype & Culture Experts

We're a certified partner with CultureTalk, the only platform that uses the Archetypes to assess and develop individuals, teams, and organizations. It’s job critical for our Ambassador Branding work.

Cincinnati Web Integrators

CWI is a team of senior-level developers and designers delivering high-quality technical solutions on time. They leverage proven technology, from brand development and websites to business intelligence and database management.

Contrast Video Productions

Nate and Drew are the perfect partners to bring light into your story, whether you are an individual, small or large business. They understand that your customers want videos from social media, branding, customer testimonials, and TV advertising. They fly drones too.

CURRNT Fresh Knowledge

The Currnt platform curates online panels of highly sought professionals and subject matter experts that we can leverage to accelerate results through research, discovery, and thought leadership. Quickly gain empathy, insights, and thought leadership directly from your B2B market.

We Be Team

Two seriously talented designers who bring decades of experience in making brands look good and perform even better. Josh and Chris can do most anything-with skills spanning Brand Identity, Website Design, Print, Content Creation, Illustration, Animation, and even Video Game Design.