The Coldwell Banker brand is the oldest, most established, and trusted residential real estate franchise system in North America. In an ever-changing real estate environment, they have leveraged the strength of their brand and people.


The real estate market has always been competitive, but the current marketplace dynamics and changes in the business model have never been more challenging. The result is that many agents change brokerages. How can Coldwell Banker attract, reward, and retain their top-performing agents.


Created a step-change in both performance and effectiveness of agents and their teams through branding and storytelling. Through a series of workshops and 1:1 sessions, Mike Taylor Consulting empowered the growth of 50 different high-potential real estate agent teams across the Cincinnati, Columbus, and Saint Louis markets.

Key Points to Success

Discovered the unique and authentic promise and value-added proposition, exemplified by the agent and their team.

Equipped them with a long-term brand strategy model and brought the brand to life in words and stories—including potential taglines.

Built a guidebook for each brand, messages across touchpoints, and coaching/training to enable the business to thrive.

All the branded agents and teams enjoyed a long-term increase in their businesses several years after branding. Several teams have grown into the top performers in their state and the US.


Even in a highly competitive market with many choices for the customer to choose from, authentic branding and storytelling will raise you above the fray.

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“Mike’s branding helped our agents go to the next level. It just cements my relationship as a business partner to my top producing agents. Prior to building a brand, the agents had a hard time expressing to their clients what differentiated them from other agents.”

-Bill Heckman

Hyde Park/Metro Regional Manager, Coldwell Banker West Shell

“For agents that have used Mike’s Branding, people are seeing them have a consistent message, and they also have improved their business. By investing in the branding, you’re better able to tell your story consistently and with the same message.”

-Cheery Malone

Regional Manager, Northern Kentucky, Coldwell Banker West Shell

“He provided an exceptional strategy for helping us organize our immediate thoughts, goals, and vision. We learned about ourselves, one another, and our clients. Mike is very personable and inspiring, which also makes the process of developing a brand fun. We felt the branding experience would allow us to grow our business and marketing for years to come.”

-Heather Herr

Founder & Leader, Team Herr

“Mike Taylor’s branding work has been invaluable to us. Mike helped us create our brand and catapulted our marketing activities far beyond what we even dreamed of in the past. This unique, collaborative approach has given us just what we’ve needed to grow our real estate business much faster and more completely than we ever thought we could, less than a year ago.”

-Jennifer Allred

The Allred-Womacks Group