brand strategy and storyline series 9  ·  november 3, 2022

You Must Have A Connected Strategy:

Brand Strategy Must Support Your Customer and Business Strategies.

“There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup.” -Gary Vaynerchuk

One of my greatest passions is helping my clients achieve their business goals through better branding and marketing. Their Brand Strategy must connect, elevate, and accelerate their Business and Customer Strategies to reach their goals. And that’s when it gets exciting.

Any meaningful brand strategy discussion must have both Finance and Sales in the meeting. In my experience, it changes the game when someone focused on revenue and profit, and an expert at getting people to say yes, is in the room. They’ll ask questions others may miss and bring a practical mindset that grounds any strategy discussion.

I recommend you get the entire leadership team involved as well. This way, everyone has input—each bringing a unique functional viewpoint, and, most importantly, everyone will understand and own the brand strategy.

The way a company brands itself is everything—it will ultimately decide whether a business survives.

–Sir Richard Branson

brand strategy and storyline series 9  ·  november 3, 2022

To solidify your connected strategy, consider your short- and long-term financial goals and objectives. Then, determine the business objectives and strategies needed to achieve those financial goals.

You can ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does your brand need to deliver these goals?
  • Do you need to gain new customers?
  • What type of market share growth does this entail?
  • Are new products needed or better product performance?
  • How do you beat the competition to deliver it?

It all comes down to your brand’s strength and the ability to flex into new directions and target audiences.

The best way your brand can deliver business strategies and financial goals is customer loyalty. Loyalty encourages repeat business, reducing operating costs, favorable price premiums, and the most robust referrals. Increasing your customer retention by 5% will increase your company profits by 25 and 95%.*

But this all boils down to the customer experience, and no one understands the customer relationship and how to manage it better than Sales. This is why we stress the importance of bringing Finance, Sales, and everyone on the team, into the branding and marketing process.

When every facet of the business has a chance to contribute their piece, you’re guaranteed to have a solid and well-rounded Brand Strategy that will continue to help your business thrive.

If you’d like to learn more, check out some of our success stories that show how we grew sales and business for our clients.

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* What are the Strategies for Increasing Brand Revenue? Zak Agency Blog 2022

The sales team owns the sales funnel. But as a B2B marketer, you feed the top of their funnel.

–Doug Kessler